Veterinary Toxin Binder Mold Inhibitor Antidiarrhea Agentclay Bentonite Clay Premix

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Micronize Montmorillonite Powder Mycotoxin Cleaner Toxin Binder, Mold Inhibitor, Clay bentonite Base

For Veterinary Use Only  Nano Montmorillonite Antidiarrhea Agent


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Micronize Montmorillonite Powder

Mycotoxin Binder, Mold Inhibitor, Antidiarrhea Agent

For Veterinary Use Only


Nano Montmorillonite 


Used in all kinds of feed for adsorbing and removing mycotoxins, antidiarrhea, protect intestinal, improve immunity etc.

General Properties:

Color and appearance: pink powder

Chemical Properties:

                                                         Standard          Result   

Blue absorption capacity(g/100g)       ≥40                 41.9

SiO2                                                    ≥56                 60.5%

Al2O3                                                   ≥13                 13.4%

PH                                                       5.5-8.5              7

Grain size(44μm)                                ≥90                 96.5

Moisture (%)                                        ≤10                 7.5

Cation exchange capacity mmol/100g    ≥80                 108.5

The specific surface area㎡/g                ≥80                 133

Ammonia absorption value mmol/g        ≥80                 112

Pb(mg/kg)                                               ≤30                 10.2

Cd(mg/kg)                                               ≤0.75              0.12

Hg(mg/kg)                                               ≤0.1                 0.007

As(mg/kg)                                                ≤3                  0.14

Usage and Dosage

Prevent mycotoxins: 1-2kg/ton

Adsorb and remove mycotoxins: 2-4kg/ton

Additive amount according to mycotoxin contamination situation, or consult with veterinarian


25kg Polypropylene (PP) bag,

Storage condition:

Should be stored in ventilated, dry warehouse, stacking should be away from the ground and wall, strictly prohibit mixing with toxic, harmful substances.

Validity: 5 years

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