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Penicillin is one of the most commonly used antibiotic drugs. It has antibacterial effect on gram-positive cocci and gram-positive bacilli, spirochetes, clostridia, actinomycetes and some Bacteroides. Commonly used for respiratory infections such as colds and pneumonia, and other bacterial infections.

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For Veterinary Use Only

Contains per ml:
Albendazole 100mg

ALBEN-100 ORAL is indicated for prophylaxis and treatment of worm infections in cattle, calves, sheep and goats like:
Gastrointestinal worms : Bunostomum, Cooperia, Chabertia, Haemonchus, Nematodirus, Oesophagostomum, Ostertagia,
Strongyloides and Trichostrongylus spp.
Liver fluke infestations : Adult Fasciola hepatica.
Lungworms : Dictyocaulus viviparus and D. filaria.
Tapeworms : Monieza spp.

For oral administration:
Goats and sheep: 1 ml. per 20 kg. body weight.
Calves and cattle: 1 ml. per 12 kg. body weight.
Liver-fluke: 1 ml. per 10 kg. body weight.
In case of heavy infestation or re-infection repeat after 3 – 4 weeks.
Medicated water should be used within 24 hours.
Shake well before use.

Meat: 12 days
Milk: 4 days

Store in dry dark place between 5℃ and 25 ℃,
Store in closed packing.

PACKING: In 250ml and 500ml 1000ml plastic bottle.

VALIDITY: 2 years.

10 types of medicines commonly used in cattle breeding and medication recommendations

1. Antibiotics
cStreptomycin is one of the commonly used antibiotic drugs. Often used with penicillin for the treatment of respiratory infections.
Gentamycin is often used to treat some digestive tract infections such as diarrhea.
Methaquine (Lijunjing) is often used to treat some digestive tract infections such as diarrhea.
Cephalosporin antibiotics (ceftiofur, cefazolin, etc.) are one of the most commonly used antibiotic drugs. Often combined with penicillin or other antibiotics to treat respiratory tract infections, digestive tract infections and other infections.
Lincomycin is commonly used to treat respiratory tract infections, skin and soft tissue infections, and urinary system infections.
Floxacin antibiotics (enrofloxacin, ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin, etc.) are used to treat urogenital infections, digestive tract infections, respiratory tract infections, and Pasteurella (haemorrhagic) diseases.
Kanamycin intramuscular injection is used for systemic infections caused by sensitive bacteria, such as pneumonia, sepsis, and urinary tract infections.
Amikacin (Amikacin) has similar antibacterial effects to gentamicin and kanamycin, and is often used for pathogenic bacteria that are resistant to two drugs.
The four macrolide antibiotics (Tilmicosin, Tylosin, Tiamulin, Tyramectin) Although these four antibiotics have broad antibacterial effects, they are generally used for bovine infectious pleuropneumonia (Bovine Pneumonia, Bovine Mycoplasma Pneumonia) Treatment. If your cattle are purchased from the Northeast region, you must prepare these drugs in advance in case of emergency.
Sulfamidines (sulfaamidine, sulfadiazine, compound trimethoprim, etc.) Oral sulfamidine is effective in treating calf dysentery; other sulfa drugs can be used for systemic infections, digestive tract infections, encephalitis, etc.
Erythromycin is commonly used in the treatment of skin infections and eye infections.

2. Deworming medicines
Avermectin, Ivermectin Broad-spectrum anthelmintic drugs. It is often used for ectoparasites, such as scabies, ticks, and jumping worms. It also has a good deworming effect on nematodes. Ivermectin is a derivative of avermectin. The two have similar anthelmintic effects, but ivermectin is less toxic than avermectin. There are oral tablets, powders, subcutaneous injections, in vitro sprays and so on.
Levamisole has a good deworming effect on roundworms, hookworms and filarials. Commonly used for digestive tract parasites and lungworms. Oral administration.
Albendazole has a good deworming effect on roundworms, pinworms, tapeworms, whipworms, hookworms, and strong strong worms. Oral administration.
Nitrochlorophenol Nitrochlorophenol, thiobis-dichlorophenol, bromophenophos (Hirudojing) drive Fasciola hepatica.
Bernier, yellow pigment, imidazole carbamide repels bovine scorch.
Praziquantel drives bovine schistosomiasis.

3. Mixture of vitamins, trace elements and energy
Vitamin C injection improves immunity, anti-oxidation, anti-stress, etc.
Vitamin B1, B6, and B12 injections are used for malnutrition, loss of appetite, and poor digestion caused by vitamin B deficiency.
Vitamin E injection promotes fertility, anti-oxidation, and promotes selenium absorption.
Vitamin D injection promotes calcium absorption.
Sodium selenite injection is used to treat white muscle disease.
Calcium gluconate and calcium chloride injection are used to treat calcium deficiency.
Inosine injection is used for thrombocytopenia, various acute and chronic liver diseases, pulmonary heart diseases and other heart diseases; central retinitis, optic nerve atrophy and other diseases. Clinically, it is often used as a liver-protecting drug for large infusions.
Adenine nucleoside triphosphate (ATP) energy mixture. For sick cattle, weak cattle are used for infusion.

4. Stomach medicine
There are many kinds of traditional Chinese medicine Jianwei San on the market, and the effect of strengthening the stomach is good or bad.
Artificial salt is used in small amounts to invigorate the stomach, and a large amount is used for light ejaculation.
Rhubarb Soda Tablets for Stomach

5. Hormonal drugs, cardiotonic drugs
Dexamethasone Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-shock
Adrenaline excites the heart and is used for rescue of shock and poisoning.
Sodium camphorsulfonate injection is a respiratory stimulant and can also be used to strengthen the heart.
Anna coffee strengthens the heart.

6. Anti-asthmatic, diuretic, and hemostatic drugs
Aminophylline is used to relieve asthma.
Mannitol diuretic
Furosemide (Furosemide) Diuretic
Hemorrhage allergies (phensulfacetamide) to stop bleeding, used for skin and internal organ bleeding.

7. Traditional Chinese medicine herb medicine preparations
Shuanghuanglian injection cold, pneumonia
Bupleurum injection to cool down and catch colds
Houttuynia injection to clear away heat, detoxify and relieve dampness.
Astragalus polysaccharide injection to replenish qi and tonic, enhance resistance.
Shuangding injection treatment of mastitis
Berberine (berberine) is bacteriostatic and has inhibitory effects on a variety of bacteria, but it is the strongest against Shigella. It is mostly used to treat bacillary dysentery and gastroenteritis.

8. Antiviral drugs
Ribavirin Nine, disinfection drugs Potassium Permanganate Alum
Iodine (iodine, iodine tincture, povidone iodine, etc.) Sodium hydroxide Quicklime
GIN-ACID is an acidic disinfectant. Bleaching powder
Formalin Sulfur fumigation

9. Light ejaculation drugs
Paraffin oil Magnesium sulfate Sodium sulfate Artificial salt (large amount)

10. Vaccine, serum
Foot-and-mouth disease vaccine
Foot-and-Mouth Disease Serum
Bovine infectious pleuropneumonia vaccine
Bovine infectious pleuropneumonia serum
Refined Tetanus Antitoxin
Bovine Pasteurella multocida fire extinguishing vaccine
Rinderpest vaccine
Pseudorabies vaccine
Rabies vaccine
Clostridium botulinum type C vaccine
Emphysema gangrene vaccine
Anthrax vaccine
Other medicines and appliances
5% glucose injection
10% glucose injection
50% glucose injection
0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection
10% concentrated sodium chloride injection (concentrated salt)
Sodium bicarbonate injection
5ml, 10ml, 20ml syringes
Various types of needles
Disposable infusion set
Lubricant (Vaseline) Scalpel Hemostatic forceps Surgical Scissors Suture needle Suture
Absorbent cotton Gauze Tape Tweezers Bound frame Infusion stand

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