When and How to Use Oxytetracycline Injection


The function of oxytetracycline injection, the usage and dosage of oxytetracycline injection

Oxytetracycline injection is mainly used to treat beef cattle and swine infections caused by Gram-positive and negative bacteria, Mycoplasma, Leptospira, Rickettsia and Chlamydia. This article will introduce the role of oxytetracycline injection, the usage and dosage of oxytetracycline injection.


Oxytetracycline injection

For the treatment of infections caused by sensitive Gram-positive and negative bacteria, rickettsia, mycoplasma, etc.

1. Calf pullorum, lamb dysentery, piglet pullorum, etc. caused by Escherichia coli or Salmonella.

2. Pasteurella-caused cattle failure, swine lung disease, etc.

3. Mycoplasma-induced bovine pneumonia, swine asthma, etc.

4. Bovine Taylor worm disease, actinomycete pneumonia, leptospirosis and swine eperythrozoonosis.

5. Locally used for local necrosis, pyometra, endometritis, etc.

Pharmacological effects of oxytetracycline injection

1. Less irritating: This product has high concentration of active ingredients, less dosage, and added analgesics, which is less irritating to the injection site, and is safer for young animals and pregnant animals.

2. Good stability: The use of advanced formulation technology such as inclusion technology solves the unstable phenomenon such as easy discoloration of high-concentration oxytetracycline injection. The preparation can be stored for a long time without discoloration and oxidation.

3. Rapid absorption, strong tissue permeability, wide drug distribution, and the therapeutic plasma concentration can be reached within 15-20 minutes.

4. Long-acting: This product is made of advanced technology and high-quality raw materials, and the effective blood drug concentration can be maintained for 4 days.

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Dosage of oxytetracycline injection

Systemic treatment: intramuscular injection, 0.05-0.1ml per 1kg body weight, various livestock.

Topical medication: for external use or for uterine perfusion, first dilute the liquid by 5-10 times with water for injection, directly coat the local necrotic foci or inject into the uterus, 100-200ml for cattle and horses, 40-100ml for pigs and sheep, and 40-100ml for pigs and sheep. 25-50ml for dogs and cats; udder perfusion, 10ml for cattle, 4ml for sheep and pigs per udder.

Oxytetracycline LA

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