Manifestations of heat stress in poultry and first aid measures

First, Symptoms of heat stress in poultry: Symptoms: Diseased birds show various neurological disorders, showing rapid breathing, gasping for breath, open wings, unable to drink water and eat normally, and body temperature rises to 45 ℃~ 46 ℃, restlessness, then mental retardation, toe paralysis, body and neck muscle spasms, and finally collapsed, convulsed and died in coma. Necropsy showed cerebral and meningeal congestion and spotting hemorrhage in diseased birds. In addition to cerebral hemorrhage in heat stroke, there were also slow corpses, poor blood coagulation, and systemic venous congestion (that is, the whole body of dead chickens turned purple). Epicardial hemorrhage can be seen. Diagnosis can be made according to the season of disease, climatic and environmental conditions, clinical symptoms and pathological changes of diseased birds.


Second,After the poultry suffers from heat stress, the following first aid measures can be taken:

1. Place the sick birds in a ventilated and cool place, and give cool drinking water at the same time, we can add some multivitamin or 0.1% vitamin C in water. In order to reduce the harm degree of heat stress to the flock. 2. Through comprehensive measures such as improving the breeding environment, adjusting the ration formula scientifically and rationally, and adding Shenqi Jinwei, it can ensure that poultry can spend the summer safely and stably. 3. Take emergency measures for emergencies such as temporary power outages or main fan failures. In the hot season, once a power outage occurs, the temperature and humidity in the chicken house will rise rapidly. Depending on the age of the flock, lethal levels can generally be reached within 10 to 20 minutes. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check the working status of the temperature alarm frequently, to ensure that the backup ventilation equipment can be turned on at any time, to regularly check and maintain the backup generator, and to prepare backups for some vulnerable parts (such as circuit breakers, fuses, belts, etc.). 4. Be prepared in advance. It is especially emphasized that farmers and friends should be fully prepared for the heatstroke in advance and eliminate the problem before heatstroke.

poultry heat stress

Post time: May-04-2022