What problems should be paid attention to when raising chicken? How to raise chicken ?

Nowadays, it is very important for us to have a good project, especially for us living in rural areas. Although the development speed of rural areas has become faster in recent years, it actually means that we need more. The expenditures for a mature money-making project are even more anticipated. Among them, chicken raising is a popular project in recent years, and this project is relatively simple for us, but in fact, there are still many before raising chickens. The problem needs to be understood clearly. Only by knowing these and then starting to raise chickens can the harvest be maximized. 

How to raise chicken

First of all, what is the best place to breed chicken?
In fact, many people ignore this problem and think that their own area can raise chickens. In fact, the requirements for raising chickens in the area are not very high, but different areas have different methods of raising chickens. For example, if it is a living In mountainous areas, this is also suitable for raising chickens, but it does need to be paid attention to. Some free-range chickens can be selected here. There is only this way. Such chickens are currently less popular, and most people currently compare them. Like it, so being able to raise this kind of chicken is the most profitable situation. But if you are in some plains and there are no mountains, then you can also raise chickens at this time, but at this time, you can only raise chickens, and it is recommended that you raise some chickens that lay eggs. This method is also very good. And for us, this kind of chicken is also profitable, but we need to choose some places very close to the water source, and we need to ensure that the water source is clean before breeding.

Secondly, we must know what investment will be made to breed chicken?
This question is a question that every novice needs to know, because for everyone, raising chickens is also a very important thing. Naturally, investment should be considered. In fact, the investment in raising chickens is relatively small. The first is the chicken coop. Nowadays, the requirements for the chicken coop are very high. There are many automatic devices, such as water feeding or ventilation, etc. These functions are actually very useful, although the budget will be increased during construction. , But in fact, it will save a lot of labor costs in the future. Therefore, the establishment of the chicken coop will still need to be considered. The work that can be completed by mechanical means must not be delayed to avoid increasing future labor. After that, it was the purchase of chickens. This is also a relatively large investment. It depends on the plan. However, this investment can quickly pay back.

How to raise chicken1

After all, chickens are still a relatively short growth for everyone. Cycle. The last investment is the feed, because chickens need enough feed every day, which is also a small amount of self-sufficiency. It is recommended that you prepare more money so that you can buy the feed when the feed is cheap. This is also OK. Reduce the cost of breeding.

Third, it is necessary to know how to choose a variety of chicken?
This is also very important, because for us, different chicken breeds will naturally have different benefits. Although the price will be lower at the time of purchase, it can actually be earned back. When we buy, we must choose some lively chickens, because such chickens are basically healthy, and then the overall size is controlled. When buying chickens, we need to pay attention, try to choose the same size chickens, so In the later feeding process, it will perform very well, and it is more convenient for us to take care of. The last thing to pay attention to is to choose the breed according to your own needs. For example, if it is a chicken that lays eggs, then you must choose a breed that is better at laying eggs, but if it is a chicken that sells meat, then it must be based on the speed of growth. Make a purchase.

How to raise chicken2

Finally, what skills do you need to have when breeding chicken?
This issue also needs attention, because it is related to the quality of the chicken. Generally, we recommend that you do the following aspects. Basically, if they grasp it well, they will have very good results. First of all, do not choose a very noisy place for the chicken coop. There are many people in such a place, and people will always go in and take a look. Hygienic control. When raising chickens in batches like this, we must pay attention to hygienic control. Only when this is done will our chickens become healthier, and it will effectively keep infectious diseases from occurring. . The last is the control of temperature. In fact, chickens are relatively easy to get sick. Especially in this season, if there is a large temperature change, a cold will occur, which will affect their health, so temperature is also very important. A factor.

Post time: Aug-25-2021