Four broiler diseases which easy happen in autumn, we need to be prevented in time.

1. Chicken broiler infectious bronchitis

Infectious diseases are the most terrifying. Infectious bronchitis in chickens can directly kill chickens. This disease is very dangerous for chickens. Generally, chickens have weak disease resistance, so the protection measures for chickens are: It must be done well, otherwise one sick chicken will be infected. Generally, sick chickens will have symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose and lethargy. We can judge based on these symptoms, diagnose early and treat early to avoid lost heavily.

We suggest use B-Herb, GIN-AID


2. Chicken chronic respiratory disease (CRD)

This kind of disease is similar to the above one. It is as harmful as the above one. It is also the most common in winter. Once you suffer from this symptom, you will sneeze and runny nose, and then slowly worsen until you breathe. Difficulty, the mortality rate is greatly increased, we can use oxytetracycline, tylosin and mycoplasma to treat this disease.

We suggest use GIN-AID, A-HERB, GINHERB W/S



3. Avian Influenza (bird flu)

In fact, bird flu is not only transmitted by chickens. Many kinds of animals can infect bird flu. Influenza virus can be parasitic on any animal. Once infected with bird flu, sick chickens will have symptoms of elevated body temperature and difficulty breathing. What we can see with the naked eye is the increase in eye mucus. When these symptoms appear, we must consider what to do, otherwise it will affect the egg production of chickens, and we can inject bird flu vaccine.

We suggest use B-Herb. GIN-HERB.

crd 3


4. Chicken swollen head syndrome

Chicken swollen head is the most common occurrence. This symptom occurs in almost every type of chicken, especially in broiler chickens. After suffering from this disease, the meat around the corns will swell, and the chicken will shake its head strangely, thinking about it. To prevent this disease, we must do a good job in the hygienic management of the breeding environment, inject attenuated vaccines, and use together with anti-viral drugs for treatment.


Post time: Sep-03-2022