Types of white feather broiler chicken
We all know that the raw materials used by the two famous fast food brands, McDonald’s and KFC, are mainly white feather broilers, but there are several types of white feather broilers. Let’s take a closer look.

White feather broiler type
What are the breeds of white feather broilers? The main breeds of white feather broilers are: AA, Avian, Ross 308, and Cobb, which are mainly bred from white Plymouth rock (or White Wind).

AA broiler
AA broiler is abbreviated as AA broiler. This breed was bred by the American Aibaiga Poultry Breeding Company. It is a four-line hybrid with white feathers. It is characterized by large body, fast growth and development, high feed conversion rate and strong adaptability. Because of its long breeding history and excellent meat performance, it is the main chicken breed for broiler production in my country. Paternal grandparents are divided into conventional type and fleshy type (high breast meat rate), both of which are fast-feathering. The parental generation chicks turn the anus to identify male and female.


Avian White Feather Broiler
Avian is a fine breed of white feather broilers cultivated by Avian Poultry Co., Ltd. in the United States. In 1986, the “Beijing Poultry Breeding Co., Ltd.” was established as a joint venture by Beijing Dafa Livestock Co., Ltd., Avian Company of the United States, and CP Group Thailand, which specializes in the breeding and improvement of Avian broilers. Selection and breeding have been carried out since the introduction of the original species in 1987. Beginning in 1988, it has provided ancestral and parent-generation breeders to domestic and foreign markets.

Avian chicken is bred from the sire line with fast weight gain and high survival rate and the female line with high egg production. It is characterized by strong fecundity, strong resistance to adversity, low rate of dead hunting, and more robust offspring can be obtained from the house hens of the parents. Broilers of this breed have fast weight gain, high feed conversion rate, high survival rate, beautiful carcass, small feather roots, yellow skin, and tender meat, which are suitable for cooking and processing by various methods. It can be raised in most areas of the country and is suitable for intensive chicken farms, large-scale chicken farms, households and farmers.

Ross 308 White Feather Broiler
Ross 308 recessive white feather broiler actually belongs to some strains of Kuida white feather broilers. As early as 20 years ago, Chinese poultry technicians started the research on recessive white feather broiler strains and achieved good results.

Cobb is a white feather broiler breed cultivated by Tyson Foods and Poultry Division. At the beginning of 1993, Guangzhou Suiping Enterprise Co., Ltd. introduced Cobb’s parent-generation breeder from Conghua breeder farm for the first time. Now it can provide the society with 16 million commercial broiler broilers every year.

Cobb breed chickens grow fast, have high feed returns, strong adaptability and disease resistance, and high survival rate throughout the whole period. Experiments have shown that the average weight of male Dan chickens at the age of 1-45 days is 207.93 grams, and the feed conversion rate is 1.99. The survival rate was 95.2%.

How to identify broiler breeds
Distinguish whether it is a regular fast and large white-feather broiler breed. First, it is required to check the breeder farm’s production and operation license and its allowed breeds and generations before ordering the breeding eggs or chicks; the second is to observe the appearance characteristics such as feather color during the breeding process. And whether the production performance such as the growth rate shown in the production process is consistent with the information provided by the breeder farm.

The distinction of yellow feather broiler breeds is more complicated. The specific identification method is to check the production and operation license of a certain breed breeding unit and breeder farm before introduction; to identify the authenticity of a certain breed or supporting line, it can be cultivated or introduced with the breed Comparing the technical data provided by the unit, observe the body shape, polonium features and weight of a specific age, such as crown type, feather color, feather spot type and skin, ear lobes, shin and beak colors.

Main performance of white feather broiler
1. The mortality rate during the growth period from 0 to 21 weeks is 2.5%. The weight at 21 weeks of age is 2 100 grams. The feed consumption of 0-21 weeks of age is 8.9 kg.
2. The mortality rate of 21 to 68 weeks of age during the laying period is 4%. He weighed 2.4 kg at 24 weeks of age. The weight of 68 weeks of age is 2.95 kg.

By the age of 68 weeks, each hen lays an average of 190 eggs, each hen lays an average of 184 eggs, and each hen lays an average of 153 chicks. 21 to 68 weeks of age, the feed consumption is 48.2 kg, the average consumption of each egg is 254 g, the average consumption of each breeding egg is 262 g, and the average consumption of each chick is 315 g.
It can be seen from the above content that the breeds of white feather broilers are also diversified. When choosing to breed white feather broilers, farmers must understand the characteristics of each species, so as to achieve better breeding success!


Post time: Aug-27-2021