high quality Multivitamin mineral powder for farm animals

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The application of vitamins in the breeding industry is quite extensive. Vitamins can not only bring nutritional supplements to poultry and livestock, but also improve resistance, immunity and disease prevention.

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Multivitamin + Minerals+ Amino Acids WSP
For Veterinary Use Only

Each kg contains

Vit A .........5,000,000IU  Vit D3...................2,000,000IU
Vit E.........15,000mg   Vit B1 ..................3,000mg
Vit B2........5,000mg    Vit B6 ..................8,000mg
VitB12.......50mg  Vit C.....................50,000mg
Vit K3 .......500mg  Folic Acid............1,000mg
Biotin .......50mg     Choline chloride...10,000mg

Manganese sulphate: 2000mg
Magnesium sulphate: 2,000mg
Zinc sulphate: 2,000mg
Iron sulphate: 1,500mg
Lysine: 15,000mg
Methionine: 12,000mg
Other Amino Acids

• Quickly stress reliever
• Stimulates antibodies production for better immunity.
• Vaccine will be utilized properly and completely.
• Improve egg production and maintains good persistency.
• Broilers become more active with good growth and body weights..

For oral administration
Poultry swine: 1g per 2L-2.5L water continue for 3-5 days
Calves, goats and sheep: 1 g per 10 kg. body weight for 3 - 5 days.
Cattle: 1 gram per 20 kg. body weight for 3 - 5 days.
Doubled when use mixed with feed.
Medicated drinking water should be used within 24 hours.


STORAGE: Store in a dry, dark place between 5℃ and 25℃.
Keep it away from children.

PACKING: 1kg×15Bags/CTN or 10Bags/Drum

VALIDITY: 2 years

How to use vitamin C skillfully in poultry farming

The application of vitamins in the breeding industry is quite extensive. Vitamins can not only bring nutritional supplements to poultry and livestock, but also improve resistance, immunity and disease prevention. Today, we are going to talk about vitamin C. Vitamin C also plays a considerable role in breeding, and it can be used in the treatment of many diseases.

Vitamin C (Vc) has a wide range of effects in poultry. Many breeding friends only use Vc as a heat-relieving medicine. In fact, VC has many important functions; Vitamin C can enhance the chemotaxis and deformation of neutrophils. Energetic power, improve bactericidal ability; promote the generation of lymphoblasts, improve the body's recognition and killing of foreign and malignant cells. In addition, vitamin C participates in the synthesis of immunoglobulin; promotes the production of interferon, vitamin C can promote the hydroxylation and excretion of cholesterol, prevent cholesterol from depositing on the inner wall of arteries, and play a role in preventing arteriosclerosis. With the absorption of iron, calcium and folic acid, vitamin C is known as a universal antidote, which can promote the formation of liver glycogen, and liver glycogen plays an important role in liver detoxification.
1. Detoxification: Vitamin C promotes the hydroxylation and detoxification of organics or poisons, enhances the activity of mixed-function oxidases, and enhances the detoxification function; when chickens are poisoned by drugs, adding Vc to the drinking water can reduce the permeability and protection of the capillary wall Liver function; at the same time, it can strengthen the filtration and reabsorption function of the glomerulus, so that poisons can be excreted from the body.
2. Improve the effect of deworming: When preventing intestinal parasitic diseases of chickens, adding Vc can enhance the deworming effect of the drugs and the tolerance of the chickens to antiparasitic drugs, and promote the faster recovery of the chickens' physique.
3. Reduce heat stress: In hot and high temperature seasons, chickens are often susceptible to external heat stress due to their poor heat dissipation function, which leads to increased body temperature, faster breathing, and reduced food intake; Vc can increase chickens’ heat stress and disease Resistance, improve the heat resistance of chickens, and increase appetite.
4. Prevention of anemia: Vc can reduce the hardly absorbed trivalent iron in the feed to divalent iron, promote the absorption of iron in the intestines, improve the utilization of iron in the liver, and help treat iron-deficiency anemia.
5. Enhance the production performance of laying hens: Vc can promote the absorption rate of calcium and iron in the extreme gastrointestinal tract, reduce peak paralysis of chickens, and at the same time, because it participates in the synthesis of collagen and elastin, it can improve the toughness of eggshells, which can be effective Reduce the egg breakage rate.
6. Protect organs: VC can protect the biological activity of a variety of enzymes, reduce the permeability of blood vessel walls, and reduce the damage of free radicals to various organs, thus ensuring the integrity of organs (such as liver, kidney, etc.), cell integrity and metabolism (Liver detoxification), normal function and repair, such as the treatment of avian flu. If a large dose of Vc is added, it can effectively protect the ovarian follicles and fallopian tube mucosal epithelium damage, reduce the appearance of follicular liquefaction, and be effective for treatment and later recovery of egg production. Play a great effect.
7. Strengthen the function of the vaccine: When the chicken is vaccinated, timely supplement of Vc will further enhance the immunity of the chicken. During the period of stress, the immune function of the chicken is reduced, and the supplement of Vc will improve the influence of the stress factor on the immunity of the chicken.

high quality Multivitamin mineral powder for farm animals

Multivitamin Powder 10 kg Bucket

high quality Multivitamin mineral powder for farm animals2

Poultry Multivitamin Powder

high quality Multivitamin mineral powder for farm animals1

Multivitamin mineral powder

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