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I believe that many people have the same experience. When you go to a pet store to buy pet food, the sales staff will often recommend “nutrition cream” to you, especially friends who have just raised pets.

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Pet Nutrition Gel, Multifunctional Nutritional Cream

Added composition:
Vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin D3, vitamin E, folic acid, fiber, etc.

Raw material composition:
Malt syrup, glucose, vegetable oil, fish oil, etc.

Guaranteed product composition analysis: (per kg)
Vitamin A≥13000IU vitamin B12≥18mg moisture≤50.0% vitamin E≥310IU vitamin D3 1380IU-15300IU iron ≥16-72mg Magnesium ≥28mg vitamin B2≥138mg folic acid ≥26mg vitamin B6≥52mg

Usage & Dosage

B.W. 1-2kg 3-4kg 5-6kg >6kg
Daily Dosage 1-4cm 5-8cm 9-10cm 10cm
Each pic use time About 60 days About 20 days About 13 days  About 12days
Monthly Dosage About 0.4 pic About 0.6 pic About 0.9 pic About 1 pic

1. The cream is a good nutrients and energy supplement which help pet restore health and vitality quickly.

2. It contains a variety of nutrition vitamins, D-calcium pantothenate etc which is suitable for the weak/postoperative recovery period of pet.

3. Balanced nutrition and healthy growth add vitamins, minerals and other nutrients needed for pet growth to meet the growth and development requirement of pets and help pets grow healthily.

4. Help eyesight development, it specially added taurine, help eyesight mature, protect eye health.

5. Nourish hair and fur, its specially added unsaturated fatty acids, can nourish hair/ fur health.

Storage condition:
Keep in a cool and dry place with close cover and avoid direct sunlight. Finish as soon as possible after opening.

Note: this product is for pet health care products, please properly keep, to avoid children eating.This product should not be fed to ruminants.

Validity: 24 months

Does pet nutrition cream really necessary? How to choose nutritional cream?

I believe that many people have the same experience. When you go to a pet store to buy pet food, the sales staff will often recommend “nutrition cream” to you, especially friends who have just raised pets.

Pet nutrition cream, as the name implies, is a cream tonic that supplements pets with various nutrients. Help the owner give him some nourishment or micronutrients that are not normally ingested, so that his hair looks better and his condition improves. However, not all pets need to eat nutrient cream.

What is the use of nutritional cream?
1. This is a health product for pets, not a necessities of life.
2. It can make dogs or cats who have recovered from a serious illness quickly restore their physical strength and supplement a lot of nutrients.
3. Pets with delicate physique can be supplemented with some nutritional cream regularly to enhance the body’s immunity.
4. It can supplement the nutrient lost in the body for breastfeeding female cats or female dogs.
5. Some nutritional creams have the effect of “beauty hair”.
6. Pets with poor gastrointestinal conditions can also use nutritional cream to regulate their intestines.
7. When pets are old, nourishment can prevent osteoporosis, tooth loss, and prevent skin diseases.

Don’t blindly feed nutrition cream
Nutrition cream is a pet health product, and it cannot replace the daily staple food of pets, and it is certainly better in terms of cost performance. Nutrition cream is specifically for pets to supplement nutrition, and supplementary nutrition is needed for all ages. However, nourishment should be supplemented healthily. If the master is already very fat, supplementing nutrition will easily cause overnutrition and increase the burden on the body.

Qualified and reliable, reasonable feeding
There are many nutritional cream products on the market, and shit shovel officers need to pay attention to selection when buying, look at the brand, formula ingredients, market reputation, palatability, production date, etc., don’t buy some Sanwu products because of cheap. The palatability of the nutritional cream is very high, and basically pets can’t refuse it, but you can’t always let the masters let them “preferably arrogant” and develop the small problem of picky eaters. The nutrient cream has high calories, and cats are prone to get angry and obese if they eat too much.

Nutritional balance, diet supplement
Many people buy very expensive pet food for pets to supplement their nutrition. In fact, if pets want to supplement their nutrition, there is no need to eat too expensive staple food. Diet therapy can also supplement nutrition, and it is healthier than pet food. For example: apples, chicken breasts, pet eggs, bananas, carrots, salmon, etc. Try to use natural ingredients to enrich your pet’s diet to ensure a balanced mix of meat and vegetables every week. Whether it’s meat or vegetables, you must ensure that the ingredients are fresh. You can also add some dietary fiber-rich miscellaneous grains, which is conducive to the master’s gastrointestinal motility.

In general, it is important to supplement pets with proper nutrition. A balanced diet is more important. Try to get what you can get from food. You can consult a veterinarian according to your pet’s own situation before eating nutrient cream. Don’t blindly supplement pets by yourself. .

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