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Shandong Ginye Biotech Co., Ltd.

Shandong Ginye Biotech Co., Ltd. is a integrated company whose main business is animal pharmaceutical / feed additive / pet products research development, production and trading. Our factory Jinan Baiming Pharma is one of famous veterinary medicine feed additive manufacturer factory and research unit in China. We cooperate with many famous animal health products research institution  such as China Agriculture University, Shandong Agricultural Academy, China Veterinary Herb Medicine Industry Research Institute, Shandong Herb Medicine University, Shandong Agricultural University etc. to research and sales the latest research results / animal use finished products. 

Ginye enterprise vision is concentrate on animal health, promote human-animal-environment harmonious development.

Our company locate in beautiful spring city Jinan huaiyin district, its 40 kilometers away from Jinan international airport and 360 kilometers away from Qingdao seaport, and also there are so many high-speed railway expressway go through the district, perfect traffic network.

Now we have 2 modern GMP factories (10 production lines) to produce more than one hundred products. Our products include: powder / oral solution / liquid injection / premix / tablet / injectable powder / granula / herbal extract, annual production value more than 1 billion RMB.

Our company always adheres to the principle that quality is the basis of survival and innovation is the source of development. In accordance with the requirements of modern management, we establish and implant quality management system, and acts according to the GMP standards strictly. We always insist the concept of market-globalization, actively promote animal health products field grow fastly, so always work hard to exploit international market, we have established extensive business contacts with more than 30 overseas countries and regions, such as southeast asia, south aisa, middle asia, middle east, east europe, and products register work are going on in tens of countries.

GinYe expect to cooperate with all kinds of good friends and partners in animal health care industry, harvest hope / create glory in golden field.

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Team & Customer

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